Refund Policy

Refund Policy

A refund will apply in the following events:

  • When the client/user has been the object of fraud.
  • When the Company suspects identity theft.
  • When the client has not requested the purchase.
  • When the value of a purchase is charged more than once.
  • When the buyer has revoked his / her authorization to charge for periodic payments from his / her cards or bank accounts before the payment instrument’s issuer and the Merchant and said charges have continued after the date of reversal.
  • Upon the client’s request when she/he has made a mistake when selecting a specific product/service.
  • Upon the client’s request when the product/service delivered by the Company does not correspond to that requested by the client.
  • Upon the client’s request when the service does not meet the website specifications or those described in the information provided.

The Company reserves the right to reject any refund without giving any further explanation.

Procedure for the request of Refunds

The request shall include the following:

  • Transaction number.
  • Transaction date.
  • Transaction value.
  • Amount requested.
  • An express statement of the reason or reasons that are grounds for the payment.

Any refund requests must be sent by the Client or by the corresponding payment instrument’s issuer to